R Bestwick and sons scrap merchants and skip hire


scrap grabSmall Scale Scrap
We buy many types of metal (see below). In order to sell your scrap metal bring it to our yard where we will quote the price of the types of metal you have brought - this varies daily depending on the market. Your vehicle and trailer (if appropriate) will be weighed on our state of the art weigh bridge. It is the law that you MUST provide photo identification either a photo driving licence or a passport - you'll also need a recent utility bill with a passport.
Unload the scrap and the vehicle is re-weighed and the diference calculated as your weight of scrap. You will be paid either by cheque or by Bank transfer. By law cash can not be paid.


Indusrial Scrap
We also provide a skip and collection service to nearby industrial companies. We pay best rates for clean uniform scrap and will run a regular collection service so you can manage your waste metal.


Dry bright Copper Wire Heavy Copper 98%
Greasy Bright Copper Wire Copper Cylinders
Braziery Copper Mixed Brass
Electric motors Comm Phos Bronze
Gunmetal Ins Aluminium Cable
Low Grade Cable Household Cable
Hi Grade Cable Old Rolled Aluminium
Aluminium Swarf Irony Aluminium eg gearboxes
Alumimium cans Aluminium radiators
18/8 Stainless steel 18/8 Stainless Swarf
316 Stainless steel 316 Stainless Swarf
Chrome iron Zinc
Lead Lead acid batteries